Medical Alert ID Bracelets

BERTS Alert Medical™ allows an individual to disclose medical information about themselves, decided and documented, in a safe environment.

Our products work across state boundaries, between emergency services, GP practices and secondary care. Information can also be released to non-healthcare providers such as police, fire brigade, St John Ambulance and Surf Life Saving Australia. No matter the emergency situation you find yourself in, BERTS Alert Medical™ will ensure that your vital information is communicated to the personnel around you.

Our aim is to assist emergency services and hospitals offer the best care possible to the community and save lives. We understand that information is power, and want to ensure that Australians are cared for by professionals who have all the information they need to do the job to their best ability. Whether you have a serious medical condition such as epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, or are allergic to a particular medication, a BERTS Alert Medical™  medical ID system can well and truly save your life.

Have peace of mind that you will receive the best possible care in an emergency.

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Why choose BERTS Alert Medical™?

Emergency response

A BERTS Alert Medical™ quickly provides first responders and medics with the most up to date and accurate vital information in a secure and easily accessible format.

Update your own records

Keep a BERTS Alert Medical™ up-to-date with your latest medical information, so that in the case of an emergency, you can receive informed care from qualified professionals.

Secure online storage

All information in BERTS Alert Medical™ ID systems are securely stored and protected by 256 bit SSL connections. Our forms are encrypted with high-grade RSA 2048 at the user’s computer, then transferred and stored securely on our servers.

Australian made

BERTS Alert Medical™ products are Australian made so you can rest assured they are of the highest quality and comply with strict Australian standards.